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Satellite image of rare native palm growth in Arizona Desert


Sunrise or sunset.  See amazing vistas, mountains, valleys, plants, and animals.  Contact for customized locations and pricing.

Elephant Tree.jpg


Witness a rare tropical plant growing in a tiny micro-habitat, only found in a few places in Arizona!  Enjoy scenic vistas of the Phoenix metro area.  This one is limited to strong hikers only.



Mojave-Sonoran Transition Zone- See where the two deserts merge.  Rare to see signature plants of Joshua Trees and Saguaros growing side by side.  A unique treat!  Also, short path walk in unique Riparian area. Bring your camera!

Phoenix Arizona.jpg


Built on the remains of the ancient Hohokam Civilization, Phoenix's evolution into the city it is today is both complicated and intriguing. Learn about everything from Spanish and Mexican place names to cotton and citrus farms and even cold war military installations! The Phoenix Metro Area is a weird and wonderful place and its secrets await you.

Choose one of our popular tours or customize your own adventure!

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Sunrise or sunset.  See amazing vistas, mountains, valleys, plants, and animals.  Contact for customized locations and pricing.

Movie Locations - Monument Valley.jpg


See where Hollywood has filmed in the area.  Dozens of movies and TV shows have used the Valley as a backdrop and setting.  I bet you've seen some?


Custom Interpretive Tours of America's Desert Southwest

Follow Mister Southwest and your host Craig Erlandsen on Instagram to get an inside look at the custom desert adventures that await you! 

Kofa Mountains

Kofa Mountains_edited.jpg

See the glorious Kofa Mountains and learn about their interesting history and Geology. Enjoy a looping drive around the mountain range with a hike to a rare native palm grove.  Strong hikers only.   Bring your camera!


Coconino Plateau, Cinder Cone Volcanoes & Lava River Tube

Lava River Tube.jpg

Tour the Coconino Plateau, see the vast San Francisco Volcano Field, visit inside a rare Lava River tube (cave).  Short intermediate hiking.  Bring the camera!

Apache War Sites


Explore the areas around the Dos Cabezas, Chiricahua, Dragoon and Florida Mts.  Learn how these fascinating places fit into the complicated history of the American Southwest. This tour will help us to better understand the Apache Life-Way and how Manifest Destiny and European contact created conflict.

WW II & Cold War Sites

WW II and Cold War Sites.jpg

See airfield and testing areas near Gila Bend.  Witness the remains of a Japanese Internment Camp.  Experience spectacular natural scenery & learn about a fascinating & transformative era in Arizona history.

Rare Organ Pipe Cactus

Organ Pipe Cactus.jpg

See one of the most unique plants in Arizona.  Along the way, we'll visit the historic Ajo Plaza, see the Pinicate Volcano, and learn about the fascinating history of the area.  Bring the camera!

Santa Theresa Mountains

Santa Theresa Mountains.jpg

Visit the mouth of Aravaipa Canyon & the site of the Camp Grant Massacre. See the spectacular El Capitan Pass, the soaring Hayden Smokestack, & the historical site of the Gila & San Pedro Confluence. (Coronado route of 1540)

What others are saying

"My wife and I took a wonderful tour to a unique place in Arizona.  Scoop is a lot of fun and has incredible knowledge of the American Southwest.  We highly recommend!"

Danny B.

Surprise, AZ | USA

"My wife and I took a lovely tour and learned so much about the area.  Scoop has incredible knowledge and enthusiasm. We saw a side of the Southwest few know about.  We will definitely take another tour when we come back!

Marc M.

Eagan, MN | USA

"I took a tour to a rare Palm Grove and learned a lot about the fragile desert ecosystem.  I felt like I discovered a new plant species.  It was a lot of fun!"

Kim M.

Cave Creek, AZ | USA

"We wanted to learn about the mining and agriculture history of Arizona.  Scoop showed us some interesting areas and we learned a ton.  It was a great day and we will be back!"

Cindy D.

Salt Lake City, UT | USA

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